Dull and chalky vinyl siding. Oxidation

Vinyl Siding

As with anything that endures the extremes of the outdoors, vinyl doesn’t last forever. Eventually the UV light from the sun and high and low temperatures will take their toll. Dull chalky siding is the result of the aging process and the oxidation of vinyl.

Not all vinyl is made the same. Some products will oxidize quicker than others. Oxidation can also discolor vinyl siding. A light brown tint can be seen on the upper panels in bad cases.

We can’t stop the Sun’s UV or control the temperatures. The one thing that can easily be handled is the algae that grows on every house in the south. Algae holds moisture to the surface and is a cosmetic nightmare. With a regular yearly house wash oxidation and algae can be kept under control.

Nothing outdoors is maintenance free. Although the dull chalky appearance means aging it doesn’t mean that it needs to be replaced. If the vinyl isn’t brittle and cracking then it’s still in good shape.

There are products that are available to professionals that can remove oxidation completely. With all algae and oxidation removed your house will look bright and new again. The only downfall is this won’t last very long. Once Vinyl starts to oxidize it will continue. The use of wax after a house wash will help by blocking UV rays and repealing dirt and algae for as long as it lasts.

It is a huge misconception that chlorinated bleach causes the dulling of vinyl. When used properly by a professional, a house wash mix containing bleach is what’s recommended by manufacturers to clean vinyl siding.