We Know House Washing

House washing with experience

For an established pressure washing professional, house washing is a reasonably easy task. Notice that I said “established”. There’s plenty of videos and online forums to look to for help. But, until you experience the multitudes of house surfaces and dimensions, it is no easy task. It took years of experience and research to find what methods work best.

What works?

There’s so many products that claim to kill algae and clean a house. Many of then, especially from big box stores, just don’t work. The ingredients found on the msds sheets tell the truth. The home improvement store products aren’t strong enough or have ineffective ingredients due to consumer safety. And their prices…Woo. Can be high. I’ve met many home owners that are familiar with the use of bleach in house washing. They know how well it kills algae but not how to use it. If bleach is used without a good surfactant (detergent) that is bleach stable, It must be used at high and unsafe ratios. The real trick is the use of good soap. Not just any detergent can be used with bleach. If you read the back of a dawn dish bottle it says not to mix with bleach. It can produce harmful gases.


The other big factor on how to safely and effectively perform a house wash, is how to spray high places. Pressure washing a house is a good way to damage it. ProClean always soft washes houses no matter the surface type. It’s either dangerous ladders and high pressure or simply possessing the right equipment. There’s many pressure washer accessories that enable a high range shooting of detergents. Finding the right one is a matter of trial and error. They can also be rather expensive but to a professional, very necessary.

We can get it done. Right!

ProClean Power & Soft Wash uses high grade, professional detergents and equipment. Our passion for exterior cleaning is shown in the smiling faces of our techs and in our finished product. No matter what the surface of your house is we know how to clean it. Years of research and experience has taught us the exact ratios of detergents / chemicals, and how to apply them.



Soft wash vinyl siding house wash

Wow. It looks new again! We have’t seen our house look this good in years.

Jamie M.