Commercial and Residential Concrete Cleaning

If you’ve ever attempted power washing a driveway or any concrete cleaning with a consumer grade pressure washer, then you know how time consuming it is. ProClean uses commercial grade power washing equipment with surface cleaning power. The surface cleaner provides a deeper and more uniform clean without the hideous zebra strips. Rotating nozzles beneath a “20 or larger disc allows us to clean large areas in a fraction of the time, so you can get on with your day.


     Hot Water / Detergents

There are many things that can be preventing your concrete from looking its best. Such as mold, moss, oil, red clay and rust. ProClean has the experience in removing these stains and bringing the surface back to life. Each stain needs to be treated with a detergent that is formulated for its specific composition. Inorganic stains such as red clay and rust are removed using buffered acid cleaners. We never use muriatic acid due to the high risk of damaging the surface and the enormous safety risks. Buffered acids are much safer and more effective because they are balanced and infused with surfactants. recommends using alkaline cleaners for oil and grease removal. ProClean uses a professional and proven degreaser. If the oil or grease stain is sevier, we mix sodium hydroxide to boost the alkalinity. The most common staining that’s found on concrete is algae and tannin from grass and leaves. We are one of only a few cleaning companies that uses soft washing coupled with hot water pressure washing to fully clean concrete. Without the use of sodium hypochlorite, there is no way to fully remove algae. Post and or pretreating with sodium hypochlorite kills any remaining algae, removes tannin stains and removes stripping caused by uneven pressure washing.  Pressure washing concrete with hot water and the right cleaning solution, will give far better results than the traditional method of concrete cleaning.

Our Service

ProClean Power & Soft Wash comes prepared. We come to your home or business with the full arsenal of cleaning equipment and detergents. Our service providers are uniformed and professional. We treat every customer with the up most respect. Always happy to answer any questions with a smile. Walkway, driveway and patio concrete cleaning.
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