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gutter cleaning clean-out

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Gutter Clean-out

Keeping your gutters clean and free flowing is important for its functionality. Gutters are there to manage water flow and to deter it from the foundation of the house. If there’s debri in the gutter it will eventually clog the downspouts. The water will get trapped and spill over the gutter. Also wet debri can become very heavy and pull the gutters away from the house. A yearly gutter cleaning will protect your home.

ProClean uses multiple methods to clean out gutters. If the roof has a low pitch and is one story it makes sense to clean by hand. Another method is to use high pressure water or a leaf blower to blow the debri out. This can be messy and requires the house to be rinsed. Our newest method is to vacuum out the gutters from the ground. There’s no mess or safety concerns. Our gutter vacuum system can reach up to three stories from the ground and removes heavy items like nuts and wet leaves.

Gutter Brightening

Years of hard water run over and harsh outdoor conditions causes discoloration. Oxidation and grey tiger stripes makes the gutters appear to be old and dull. Coupled with hot water we use a product that restores gutters back to their original color. This removes oxidation in the paint and hard water stripes. Sometimes it’s just algae that’s keeping gutters from looking good. In this case we will do a soft wash to clean them.

Gutter cleaning and brightening