ProClean offers the best house wash service available in the Knoxville, Blount county area. Our house wash is a low pressure soft wash on vinyl, paint, stone, brick, EFIS, and stucco, hardi board and wood. Included in every quote is all siding, gutter exterior, soffit, fascia, vinyl porch ceilings and porch railing. House washing every 1 to 2 years is imperative to the longevity of every surface type. Removal of algae is more than cosmetic. Algae will eventually damage mortar in brick and stone. It feeds on some paint. And algae also causes premature oxidation on vinyl siding.

Our full service residential exterior cleaning service will help every part of your property stay looking it’s best. Pricing is based on square feet and house height starting at $275.00. Most houses can be priced by using online tools to measure the cleaning surface. Estimates are given promptly and are fair and true. Honesty and transparency is an important factor in giving you the best estimate possible.

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What Makes Us Better

Custom built soft wash systems allow us to spray over 50′. This keeps us safe yet very efficient. No high pressure should ever be used on vinyl siding or other delicate surfaces. We take care of all plants by rinsing before, during and after treatment. Some flowers and delicate trees are also covered with plastic. We pay attention to little details and ensure that every part of the siding and trim will be properly cleaned.

  • Insured
  • Uniformed
  • Highly experienced
  • The best equipment in the industry

Don’t let your pockets suffer. Hiring the right house washing service company now, will save you thousands later. ProClean has all of the tools and methods to properly clean your house exterior. We do house soft washing right.

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