Deck Cleaning

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Deck cleaning can bring life back to your backyard oasis. Everybody enjoys hanging out on a beautiful deck during the summer months. Barbecues, parties or just to relax on a nice day. After a few years a wooden deck that is not properly protected can start to look bad. Algae and moss will begin to grow. Your deck now looks like it’t being held captive by mother nature. We want our wood back. If not cleaned it will begin to rot. That deck is an extension of your home. Take it back!

Algae and moss holds moisture to the wood. This is what causes it to rot. The areas that are in direct sunlight easily dry out. Cracking and splintering will occur in these areas. Keeping your deck clean and the use of a good stain/sealant is key in maintaining the wood.

A deck with a transparent stain needs to be cleaned and re-stained yearly. Semi-transparent stains usually lasts between 2-3 years. A solid stain is pron to premature cracking and peeling in high traffic areas. We don’t recommend solid stains on the floors of any deck. Making the stain last is all in the preparation before it is applied. Stripping the old stain and removing algae brings back the natural beauty of the wood. It also properly prepares it for a new stain application.

A pressure washer is the preferred method of deck cleaning. Be careful, too much pressure can scare the wood. A good stain stripper and wood cleaner should be applied first. Let it dwell so it has time to penetrate into the old stain and algae. Most cleaners recommend 10-20 minutes. ProClean uses industrial deck strippers not found in big box stores. A good stripper should work good enough that very low pressure will clean away all stain and algae. Once the deck has been cleaned, it needs to be neutralized. This will bring back the correct PH balance and ensure that the new stain will last.

Be sure to cover any plants before cleaning. Protective eye-wear and gloves should always be used when using high pressure and chemicals. ProClean Power & Soft Wash can clean any size deck the right way. Our experience grants us the ability to choose the best cleaning materials and the proper way to use them. Contact us with any questions or for a free estimate.

Our Deck Cleaning Process

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Short video showing our step by step method of deck cleaning.

  • Pre-rinse
  • Stripper & cleaner application
  • Low pressure pressure wash
  • Neutralize for PH balance

Beautiful results!!