East Tennessee Cleaning

The best part of a mobile business in East TN is the constant view. Our mountains and waterways brings beauty to every trip. There’s nothing like driving through Sevier County in the fall for a day’s work. Some of our views while roof cleaning has been breath taking. With our beautiful background, there’s no wonder why the people are so friendly. 

We stay true to our Tennessee roots while maintaining a professional image. We believe that a friendly smile and a handshake is the only way to greet each customer. Of course customer satisfaction is our first priority. This is why we take time to talk and find out concerns and expectations. Besides the great work that we do and our friendly staff, our professional appearance really sets ProClean apart. It’s hard to stay clean when your pressure washing in 90 degree weather all day, but we make the effort. Uniformed technicians lets you know that we mean business.

ProClean Power & Soft Wash knows the type of algae and dirt that is native to our region, and exactly how to remove it. Red clay is a huge eyesore that stains the base of many houses and buildings in East Tennessee. Most people believe that there’s nothing that can remove it. That isn’t true. We use very effective commercial grade cleaners that can remove most red clay stains from any surface. We  will also take the time to show each customer how they can prevent future stains by making minor landscaping changes.

Your East Tennessee is also our home. Our job is keeping it beautiful. 


Old wood Tennessee Flag