The fist time running a powerful surface cleaner over a heavily soiled driveway, you will be hooked. There’s something about seeing instant change from dirty to clean. Reddit has multiple groups that are dedicated to watching people pressure wash or before and after photos. But, there’s nothing like doing it yourself or at least watching it first hand. I would imagine there’s some kind of psychology behind the feeling that most get when pressure washing but I don’t have doctorate just 8 years as the owner of  ProClean Power & Soft Wash, LLC . I have witnessed team members argue over who gets to run the surface cleaner on multiple occasions. I have seen customers follow our every step while cleaning their driveway in total amazement.

The satisfaction doesn’t stop with driveway/concrete cleaning. It’s awesome to watch the side of an algae covered house transform into glowing clean surfaces, especially when the trim is white. You can see the magic start to happen as soon as the soft wash detergents hit the surface and begin killing algae. As the algae slowly fades and the dirt is lifted you can start to see how nice it will look. Once rinsed, there’s a surface revealed that likely hasn’t been seen in years. ” It looks brand new” is our favorite customer response.

Pressure washing can be a thrilling task and offers immediate satisfaction. It also can be daunting work that’s hard on the body. I applaud anyone capable of doing their own pressure washing. If you have done your own pressure washing in the past but no longer wish to work so hard; or if you want the to see the results without the back breaking work that comes with it, give us a call. We are more than happy to make your property shine again while you watch from a safe distance.