Our Start In The Pressure Washing Business

One word that sums up our humble beginnings, simple. It was easy enough to handle a call or two during the day. Wash a house or two and maybe a driveway per week. Keep maintenance up on one truck and one machine. I, by myself was able to learn web design and marketing to drop our hat into the local market. It was a wonderful time of personal growth in my life. Subsequently, I was becoming a small business owner with drive and fortitude. Not unlike most that find themselves within the crushing gears of the home service sector, I had no education. There was no business school degree that charted a path of ease and successful bliss. No real mentor. Nothing to really look to at all except for the wisdom of YouTube. 

 I was able to quit my truck driving career of 15 years, once things started to take off, and go full time pressure washing. This was a pivotal moment in my business and personal life alike. I now had to make decisions with 3 hungry children and a mortgage weighing on every thought. Therefor, every decision was one that could potentially bring in more business. I quickly found myself working 7 days/week out in the field and 3 to 5 hours/day on the computer and phone. I looked for my first employee realizing that in no way could this be healthy nor sustainable. 

When I was working by myself many jobs had to be turned down because certain things cannot or at least should not be done by ones self. Roof cleaning is one of them. There is a ton of risk associated with not only being on a roof but using strong chemicals while not being able to see what’s going on below. A second person is needed to hold the ladder, spray the plants with pure water in order to protect them and watch out for people walking unknowingly into the dangerous cleaning area. Our first employee, simply put, breathed new life into an already fast growing company. We could keep up with the growing demand and perform our duties more safely. Our first employee evolved within a year into 2 teams of 2 and my wife coming on full time to answer the phone. 

Now we are more than a guy working for himself. We are a real company. There’s multiple trucks and trailers on the road. Each equipped to the teeth with the capability to clean the exterior of any house or commercial building in the area. We carry chemicals to clean every surface. We have back-ups to finish the job even if there’s an equipment malfunction. We are all highly trained and knowledgeable. We all have families to feed. 

Pressure washing company vs guy with a pressure washer

A guy with a pressure washer and a pick-up truck is very limited on what services he can provide. He normally cannot afford professional equipment, because of this limitation, which makes it even harder to grow. He or she can become overwhelmed and not provide the level of service that a customer deserves. Calls are missed on a regular basses and even worse appointments are missed without giving a heads up to the customer. The cheaper guy is not always the better choice. He may not have the proper insurance and state mandated worker’s comp. Could you imagine shingles knocked off your roof, permanent damage to vinyl siding, broken window seals, paint stripped away or him falling off of your roof and you are liable?  

Treating our team members like they are vital to the heartbeat of the operation is what correlates into phenomenal customer service. We do the little things that are easily missed by the one man show. We are professional in every possible way. Our members are uniformed and our trucks are well kept with logos so we can easily be identified when we show up to give your home the best cleaning it’s ever had. Of course, we have insurance. $2,000,000 in liability and worker’s compensation. Our equipment is of the best commercial brands and maintained in house by the owner. All of our soft wash machines are built by ProClean and cannot be purchased anywhere in the world. 

We may not be perfect but we always strive to grow and to let our very best shine daily.